Dad And His Dog Dance To Hip Hop Like Nobody Is Watching

Living with people can sometimes be difficult. You have to contend with people invading your space, not respecting your boundaries, or just being annoying. You’re never able to find a moment of peace. But that is never the case with dogs. They are the best roomies ever! Even when they’re stuck by your side like glue, you’re still able to enjoy your time alone without judgment. When you’re with a dog you can spend your time at home being as silly as you want, without fear of judgment. It’s great being able to sit around the house in your underwear or sing karaoke into your hairbrush with only your dog for company. It’s like being with a little furry extension of your soul – absolutely no judgment, and in some cases, they even want to join you on the fun. 

And that was precisely what happened with one owner and his dog. Like many of us, this dog owner was clearly seeing his dog as an extension of his family – someone that he was totally comfortable being himself around. And who can blame him? If there is anyone that we can feel 100% like ourselves around – no matter how weird our habits may get – it would be our dogs. That is because our dogs are the only ones that won’t pass any sort of judgment. It’s one of the many reasons that we love them. And this particular dog owner was quite comfortable to get weird with his pup sitting on the couch beside him. It’s something we all do. 

But luckily for us, the man’s wife was there to capture the hilarious moment on camera. In the video, the man is seen sitting on the couch alone with his French Bulldog loyally right beside him. The man has his laptop with him, and he decides to have a chilled out jam session with his pup. But the adorable part is that his dog doesn’t just watch him sing and dance in his seat, instead, there is some adorable participation. From there, the little dog copies all the moves and sounds that his owner is doing. It’s just too cute. But the best part is the end of the video when the owner realizes that he’s been caught!

Watch below:

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