Dad And His Dog Do Adorable Daily Quarantine Workouts Together

In the last month, many of us around the world has seen many changes. If you’d have asked any of us where we’d be in March, I doubt any of us would’ve said quarantine. That was exactly what Silvio Siamo probably felt before Italy announced their full lockdown. However, life has a funny way of twisting things around. Fortunately for Siamo, he had his 5-year-old mini bull terrier, Sparky, to keep him company. And while in quarantine, the two ended up becoming each other’s workout buddies. Which was surprising, since Sparky is quite a lazy dog.


As Siamo shared with The Dodo, “Sparky is a lazy boy. He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled.”

Since Sparky isn’t a huge fan of working out, most of the time she just gives up mid-walk and lets Siamo carry him the rest of the way – there is video evidence of the dog’s laziness.

Despite his laziness, Sparky did prove to be quite helpful to Siamo while he did his best to keep fit while in social isolation. And, Sparky didn’t have to do much, just sit and wait for a cuddle.

Siamo revealed, “For Sparky, working out together is something fun. Usually, he puts himself nearby where he can wait for kisses during our workout.”


Sparky knows that when Siamo begins a workout, all he needs to do is sit right by his owner, and any push-ups or squats will include some cuddles or kisses. And Sparky’s plan works each time, just watch him in action:

And Siamo appreciates the love.

“In these days of the quarantine, we are constrained to stay at home and to pass the time we work out together with Sparky. [He’s] helping us between the cuddles and kisses to pass the days with serenity and to make us almost forget the emergency in which we are living in Italy,” Siamo said.


For Sparky, like most dogs, life on lockdown has no adverse effects since he’s just happy to have his favorite person at home all the time.

Siamo shared, “Sparky is happy because he is cuddled all the time. We play together, make video calls with friends, prepare cookies that he likes very much. When he is tired he goes on the balcony to lie down in the sun.”

Sparky has his own social media account, so if you want to know what his life in Italy is like, you can follow him on Instagram.

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