Dad Comes Home To Discovers That His Boxer Has “Redecorated” The House

Puppies are cute, but sometimes their puppy years can be a little tough to handle. It definitely is not for the faint of here. Puppies are famously known for chewing on anything and everything they can get their little mouths on. If you have expensive shoes then you really need to be careful around puppies. And one man, Ashley Bamforth from Sheffield in the UK, learned all too well first-hand the joys of raising a puppy.

The delightful video that he shared on YouTube went viral, and we can see why.

Photo: Facebook/Layla & Heidi Boxer Dogs

Both Ashley and his girlfriend had just adopted their baby, Layla, a beautiful boxer pup with a happy personality. Almost immediately, the couple set her up with her own Facebook page and YouTube channel in order to document her many adventures. However, perhaps the most famous and well-loved video is the one which documented the mess she made of their home after only being left alone for 30 minutes.

The pup took it upon herself to put her own decorating touch on the bedroom, particularly the bed. Ashley had left Layla alone on her own for the first time, and it was a short span of time – only 30 minutes. However, in that time, she somehow had managed to open up the bedroom doors and really went to town.

He was horrified to come home to the following:

Screen Shot: YouTube/Layla the Boxer Dog

Layla had even managed to get herself stuck within the bed lining! and all the duvet filling was pulled out and spread everywhere. However, perhaps the worst part, was the dog had absolutely no remorse, instead, she looked quite pleased about her handiwork.

Ashley was heard in the video saying, “She thinks it’s funny,” as Layla happily wags her tail, proudly showing off all the damage.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Layla the Boxer Dog

Fortunately for Layla, she was cute and her dad was a big softie. We’re sure the fact that the viral video meant that she gained a bigger social media presence also probably helped Ashley not be as mad at her antics.

Watch the video of Layla’s “redecorating” style below:

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