Dad Goes Viral For Sending His Daughter Photos And Descriptions Of The Shelter Dogs He Walks

Dave Richardson is a retiree who volunteers as a dog walker at the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society. Every time he visits his canine friends, he texts his daughter, Andrea Richardson, pictures of the dogs – along with complete little bios about each one.

Source: Twitter/@AandreaLleigh

As Dave revealed to Bored Panda, “When I retired, my wife and I were at dinner with some of our neighbors, getting to know other couples in the area. Two of the guys mentioned that they walked shelter dogs on Wednesday mornings. And, after a few beers, I agreed to join them walking in support of the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society (CLASS).”

Source: Twitter/@AandreaLleigh

He added, “They are a no-kill shelter, taking in dogs from other shelters that may not be around for much longer. CLASS is probably the best home these dogs have ever had.”

Whenever Dave sends Andrea pictures of the dogs, she often uploads them to Twitter, under her username @AandreaLleigh

Source: Twitter/@AandreaLleigh

As Dave explained, “When I walk the dogs, I sometimes take photos of my furry friends to send to my family. I never expected it to explode like it has—people have responded! Everything we do is to support CLASS, the animals and all the volunteers. They are the true heroes.”

Source: Twitter/@AandreaLleigh

The tweets have been very successful indeed – some have even gotten more than 100,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.

Andrea has been asking her father to move his content over to Instagram rather than to continue with posting on her phone. While Dave has yet to set up an account on Instagram, Andrea has continued to help him out by sharing the dogs’ stories as a way of supporting shelter animals.

Source: Twitter/@AandreaLleigh

In fact, she herself is the proud owner of two shelter dogs. And as Dave has said to Bored Panda, they’re all a “family of dog lovers.”

He said, “Each daughter now has two dogs with their spouse, and we had two Cocker Spaniel siblings when our girls were growing up.”

For now, you can follow @AandreaLleigh on Twitter for more of Dave’s doggie bios.

This should serve as an important reminder to all to adopt rather than shop.

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