Dad Paints Funny Posters Around The ‘Dog Hole’ In Their Fence

We’ve all dealt with quarantine in different ways. While a lot of people got into gardening or baking, there were plenty of others who threw themselves into their creative projects. And then there is the man from Ohio, Brian Stanley, who totally won the creative game with his project. 

Brian’s adorable art project was inspired by his two dogs, Ripley and Burger King. Like all other dogs, these two pooches were very keen on watching the many different happenings of the neighborhood. Brian explained to Bored Panda that one of the dogs, Burger King, had a habit of digging holes under the fence in order to see people going by. That is when he decided to cut a hole in the fence for the dog to better see outside. It went down an absolute treat with the dogs. Then in March, Brian and his son both noticed there were more people walking or cycling by the house than normal. That is when they got the idea to come up with a decoration for the little doggie window – something that would delight the entire neighborhood. And that is when the funny posters happened. 


It all began with a parody poster of the classic movie, “Jaws.” Only this one was appropriately called Paws. People were in love with the idea, and that prompted Brian to create another one. The second one turned into a Pac Man-themed poster. The thing that Brian loves the most about his poster creations is that the dogs will often stick their heads through the hole in the fence which gives a fun expression to his creations. In fact, it was Burger King’s habit of sticking his head through the doggie window in the wall which inspired Brian’s poster idea in the first place. He cited the pooch as the sole inspiration.


Some of his other wonderful ideas have been a canine take on the famous paintings, “Girl with the Pearl Earring,” as well as “The Scream.” The latter was renamed The Bark. And of course, a lovely reference to “Jurassic Park” called Jurassic Bark.


Brian gets help with his creations from his son who likes to do a lot of the paint work. Both he and his son have no plans to slow down their posters – which is probably a good thing as they seem to be quite the hit in the neighborhood. Brian has shared that many people who walk, jog, or cycle past the house will often stop him or his wife to inquire about the posters. Most of the comments are of how much they love the work he’s doing. Brian has already stated that he’s got plenty of ideas, so many that could easily keep him going for several years. Let’s hope that he does indeed keep up the posters.

What do you think of these? Let us know!

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