Dad Pretends To Faint To See What His Rottweiler Would Do

Most of us are probably guilty of pretending to faint or play dead in order to see what our pets do. I think it’s safe to say that for most cat owners the results are not surprising – our cats ignore us or briefly sniff us, meow, then walk away. But our dogs, we want to have a little more faith in our dogs that their reactions will be that of the heroic canine we know lives within them. We “pass out” hoping that somehow we’ll be impressed by them grabbing the phone and dialing 911 with their paws. Most of the time their reactions aren’t as intense, however, they still manage to show more concern than our cats. 

And one dog owner decided that he was going to test out his dog’s reaction by pretending to faint. He was curious as to what his dog Bruno would do in the event that he ever passed out. And the dog’s initial reaction was quite moving. In the video, the dog is clearly concerned when his owner “passes out” and he goes over to investigate. Bruno begins to paw at his owner’s back. Then when that doesn’t get a reaction, Bruno starts licking his face. Still, when that doesn’t seem to have an effect, Bruno actually tries to lift up his owner by the shirt! What a good boy Bruno is. 

While that reaction was what every dog owner wants, Bruno’s owner wasn’t done. He wanted to see if Bruno would continue the concern if he were to pass out again. So he tried it a few more times. Naturally, the reactions weren’t quite the same as the first time. Bruno stopped having so much concern, clearly picking up that it was some kind of trick. During one of the “fainting” spells, Bruno goes to the bathroom before checking on his owner. And during another, he decides to play with a toy frog instead.

Hopefully Bruno’s owner will never actually pass out and need his assistance because this might turn into a case of the boy who cried wolf. 

Watch the video below:

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