Dad Realizes Real Quickly That He Should Have Made A Bigger Doggie Door

When I was 17-years-old, we had a big brown Rex rabbit named Jean-Claude. He was besties with our dog, Bonita. But after Easter of that year, someone dumped a little miniature rabbit in our yard that was the spitting image of Jean-Claude. We discovered him morning when we went out to the backyard and Bonita was hanging out with not one, but two bunnies of the same color. That is when we put two and two together. After that, the trio made up the most adorable little grouping of friends. They were such best friends that my dad decided to self-construct an observation deck that the three of them could use while in the garden. Needless to say, it was a good thing that my dad kept his day job as an aerospace engineer. 

But there are plenty of other dogs who take a friend under their wings, none have caused the door destruction that these two pups have. When we think of doggie doors, we think of something sturdy than can stand the test of time. Of course, much like my dad’s “observation deck,” not all doggie doors are created equal. While one dog owner, in particular, meant well, he still didn’t live up to pup-proof standards of construction.  The dog owner in question felt that his two dogs deserved something special. He concluded that two canines deserved a door of their own. And that is just what they got.

The owner then set to work constructing the perfect doggie door that both large dogs could fit through. What he didn’t expect was that the two of them would practically be going through the screen together. But then again, he didn’t anticipate that these BFFs would basically want to do every single thing together. This well-meaning gesture ended up spelling disaster for everyone involved. But for the rest of us, it was quite hilarious. And for that we were grateful. 

In the video below, you can see how horribly wrong the doggie door construction went:

It’s still the effort that counts, right?

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