Dad Takes His Senior Dog With Cancer On A Final Walk To The Vet

When it comes time to saying goodbye to a beloved pet, it can be one of the most painful things we ever do. And one Toronto resident, Dale Thompson, shared his heartbreaking farewell with the Twitter community. Thompson had to say goodbye to his 14-year-old dog Murphy, who had been battling with cancer for some time.


Thompson posted, “This is Murphy’s 14th & last Christmas with me. Tragically, the cancer is now all through his nose and into his throat. There’s nothing else I can do except make him comfortable & happy.”

A few days after Christmas, Thompson updated his followers with a video in which he is taking Murphy on a slow walk down the street – a walk that would end up being Murphy’s last walk ever.

“Murphy walked to the vet today for the last time. He walked in with dignity, clarity, and honor. He left this world the same way he came into it: With style, grace and happy,” he wrote.


While Thompson knew that it was time for Murphy to leave this world, the goodbye wasn’t any easier, and in the end, it was Murphy who provided comfort in the end.

As Thompson revealed, “Even at the end, he was happy and when I cried to say goodbye, he tried to get up and leave with me. I couldn’t tell him enough how sorry I was for doing this and how I regretted every single time I got upset at him or didn’t spend enough time with him too. He was happy.”

In a longer and more detailed Medium post, Thompson talked more about Murphy’s illness as well as the pair’s final moments together.

“You know I would’ve taken on your cancer from you if I could’ve. You were an anomaly for not only loving visits to the vet but enjoying getting a needle. Your last gesture was to stop me from crying before your final breath. I wonder if you understood when I asked you to wait for me on the other side.”


Naturally, many people on Twitter were sympathetic to Thompson’s experience and there were thousands of commenters who had words of comfort to express.

One Twitter user, @bethmc1974, wrote, “Went through the same with my Schuey. He walked into the vet too and I sat on the floor with him until he was at peace. Wish they could live longer. Sending massive hugs.”

“They take a piece of us with them when they go. It is the hardest thing in the world to be strong for them when they tell you it is their time,” added @suzannekeith71.

Saying goodbye is never easy and we feel so deeply for Thompson. Run free sweet Murphy! You’ll be missed.

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