Deaf Bulldog Named George Brings Comfort To People In Hospice Care

No one enjoys the hospital. It can be a scary place. That is why therapy dogs are so important since they bring such joy and love to patients in the hospitals. And at the Port Kembla Hospital, George Wilson, an adorable little deaf bulldog, is well-known for visiting palliative care patients in order to cheer them up.

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George was a natural at cheering up his patients. Despite being deaf, he didn’t need any training in order to become a therapy dog. In fact, he and his owner, Jai Wilson, often visit the Port Kembla hospital and George is so well-behaved he doesn’t even need to be put on a leash as he does his rounds.

As Jai explained, her own father had passed away from cancer. After he passed, she bought a puppy in order to cope with the grief, and that was George.

Screenshot: YouTube

When she bought him, she learned that George the puppy was born on the same day as her father: May 8th. As a result, she ended up naming George in honor of her late father. And as George helped her to process her grief, she figured that she would help spread the joy.

As she shared with Illawarramercury, “He was great for me when I was dealing with grief and loneliness after my dad’s death. Then one day we were walking down near Lake Illawarra and there was a family there having a picnic – George just went and joined them and didn’t want to leave.”

And when she began to bring George to the Port Kembla Hospital the patients adored him. For two years both Jai and George would go visit patients, with George getting gussied up in fancy outfits in order to make people smile.

Screenshot: YouTube

Jai said to 7News, “He’ll just spend time with the patients and cheering them up, meeting them, and sitting with them.”

George would spend time with the patients, watching them, listening to them talk, and giving them plenty of kisses and cuddles.

Screenshot: YouTube

Given the amount of joy that George has spread, it makes sense that he became the mascot of his owner’s Charity, Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia. He also is the face of Dreams 2 Live 4, an organization which grants the wishes of metastatic cancer patients.

Jai Wilson said to Illawarramercury, “Through his Instagram page (which has 10,000 followers) he helps raise awareness of different cancers, and the symptoms people should look for.”

Watch the video below:

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