Deputies Rescue Dog Left Behind On A Houseboat After His Owner Contracted The Virus

The current global pandemic has been challenging for people as well as animals. And it’s been really tough on animals since there have been numerous cats and dogs that have been surrendered to shelters because of the coronavirus. Some are letting their pets go because they’ve lost their jobs and are facing a financial crisis and have no other choice, and there are others who’ve been hospitalized, therefore leaving their pets trapped behind in their homes.

One man in Florida was hospitalized following the presentation of symptoms that were similar to those of the coronavirus. Besides being concerned about his battle with the potentially deadly virus, the man was worried about his German Shepherd which had been left alone on his houseboat.

Desperate for help, the man reached out to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to see if they could help rescue his beloved pet. Fortunately for the man, both the marine unit and the Animal Services Officers were able to step in and help the man out. They went and rescued the German Shepherd.

Of course, the authorities had to take precautions, so they wore protective gear before boarding the boat which was anchored at the Manatee Pocket. The officers were relieved to find that the German Shepherd was doing well and in good health. They brought her onto dry land where she was escorted to shelter for care until her owner was able to recover.

As the Sheriff Office congratulated, “Nice work by an amazing team dedicated to getting the job done, despite the circumstances.”

There were plenty of people who felt the same and were thrilled they were able to save the dog.


Posted by Martin County Sheriff's Office on Friday, April 3, 2020

One person commented, “Thank you! You guys are amazing! I would be so distraught if I were in that patient’s situation…Thank you for taking care of man’s best friend, and putting that patient at ease during an incredibly stressful time. So happy to see you guys were provided equipment and able to keep yourselves safe, too!”

Others have stepped up with offers of helping out by sending in donations of dog food, while nearly everyone wished her owner a very quick recovery.

Another person commented, “Such a nice job. Prayers for the gentleman in the hospital. There really are still people that think of their animal as a child. Only wanted the best for his dog!”

This was one dog that was lucky she was able to receive help when she needed it. There are lots of other animals who are not as fortunate but still are just as desperate for help. This pandemic has really made it difficult for animal shelters everywhere who are doing their best to try and help as many of these abandoned animals as they can. And they have to reiterate as much as possible to remind people that CANNOT catch the coronavirus from their dog or cat – so there is absolutely no need whatsoever to get rid of your pet just because you think you can get the virus from them.

Many of the shelters are also in desperate need of donations in order to provide all their animals with proper care such as food and medical attention, so if you are in a place to donate, you can do so by clicking here.

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