Disappointed Dog Expresses Her Opinion About The New Household Rules

Change is a part of life. From big changes to small ones, life is always putting us through a period of growth and change. And for one Boxer, the changes she was experiencing were not something she was happy about and this pooch was quite vocal about it.

When Bella’s family purchased a new sofa, that spelled change for the pup. She was no longer allowed on the new furniture. For many of us who own pets we probably have similar rules when we get new furniture. We want to keep it as pristine as possible which is why we don’t allow our pets to sit on it or our children to eat on it. Of course, these rules hardly ever stick for longer than a week.

Well, when Bella was informed of the new rule that she wasn’t allowed on the couch, she definitely had something to say about it. In fact, the very vocal Bella decided that she was going to stage a protest. And she did just that – she gave her owner a piece of her mind. 

In the video, you can hear the owner explicitly telling the canine, “I don’t care how much you cry, you are going to sleep on the floor, like a dog. I am sorry, but the couches are brand new and they are not for dogs.”

Of course, this just adds fuel to Bella’s fire, and the Boxer continues to get chatty in terms of pleading her case. The clever Boxer pulls out all the sympathy stops, including the big, sad eyes. She is clearly going for the heartstrings with that one.

Unfortunately for Bella, all her whining and complaining do not sway the owner’s decision. The Boxer eventually accepts defeat and stretches herself out on the floor beside the couch. Of course, we have no doubt that after the video ended, it wasn’t long before she was back up the couches – those rules never last long.

Watch Bella’s protest in the footage below:

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