Doberman Excited About The Ice Cream Truck Does Tricks For A Popsicle

Summer is all about time spent outdoors and ice cream. During the three months of summer, ice cream trucks are busy driving around neighborhoods everywhere bringing tasty cold treats curbside. Kids aren’t the only ones who get excited when they hear an ice cream truck coming – our four-legged friends do too. And one 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher, Kruz, gets particularly pumped whenever he hears the ice cream truck. 

His owner states that the pooch gets so happy whenever he hears the truck coming their way. They’ve also mentioned that they’re surprised the ice cream truck makes it up to their remote mountain community, but we’re glad for Kruz’s sake it does. 

The charming video perfectly captures the happiness that Kruz emits whenever he catches the sound of the approaching music. He already knows that distinct melody. And as soon as he hears it he’s ready! In fact, his owner has to make sure he doesn’t go on a mad dash to get to the truck. In the video, it even looks like Kruz is experiencing a Pavlovian moment when he starts to salivate at the sound of the truck’s music. 

The people behind the wheel of the ice cream truck are definitely delighted by the dog’s reaction. And they seem to enjoy the dog’s purity as he mulls over his choices with the help of his owner. Kruz’s owner points to each flavor asking if he’d like one of these, and Kruz answers as to what he wants. His final decision turns out to be a Sundae Crunch, a Banana Fudge, and a Strawberry. All delicious flavors.

After waiting for his owner to finish paying for his treats, Kruz is finally able to indulge. But the enjoyment doesn’t come without a little work for the treats. His owner does make Kruz do a little trick performance before letting him fully enjoy the ice-cold delight. 

Watch it below:

Does your dog like to run for the ice cream truck? Let us know!

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