Doctor Writes “Puppy Prescription” For Man Battling Cancer

When Russell Poole was diagnosed with esophageal cancer it got him thinking about how much he really wanted a puppy. He and his wife had just previously lost their beloved dog, so he was open to welcoming a new family member. He spoke about it with his wife, Vivian, who was initially against the idea.

As she told him, “Well, when Dr. Ben-Or prescribes you a dog, we’ll get a dog.”

Assuming that was the end of the topic, Vivian left it at that. However, she didn’t know that Russell wasn’t over the idea, and was about to get some help from an unlikely source.

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When Russell went to his next scheduled appointment with his doctor for a procedure, he spoke to Dr. Ben-Or about his troubles, asking her for a favor.

As Russell put it, “I need a prescription before y’all put me to sleep.”

After she asked, “Prescription for what?” Russell informed her, it was for “a puppy.”

Screen Shots: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The doctor was more than willing to oblige, and she got out her prescription. The doctor asked Russell what breed he’d like, but it didn’t phase him.

All he said was, “It doesn’t matter, doc. I just want a puppy.”

The doctor them filled in his prescription for an 8-week-old puppy, even going as far as to have the prescription laminated.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

After the procedure, Dr. Ben-Or went to speak with Vivian, and that is when the topic of the puppy came up. Dr. Ben-Or handed her the prescription, and Vivian was exasperated as she laughed hysterically, knowing just who was behind it.

“Ah, Russ!” Vivian exclaimed, but regardless, she honored the doctor’s prescription.

The couple ended up getting a precious Labradoodle puppy and named her, Ben-Or Snickerdoodle Sto – a name that combined the doctor’s name as well as their favorite place, Edisto Island. However, for short, they just referred to her as Sto.

As it turned out, puppies really make the best medicine.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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