Dog And Horse Finally Reunite After 7 Months Apart

A dog and horse share a unique relationship.

We all have at least one best friend in our lives – that special person who is there for us no matter what. And that deep bond that we form with someone isn’t just restricted to the world of humans. If we look at the animal kingdom, there are plenty of animals who have a BFF or two in their lives as well. Animal friendships are no different than human friendships. They care for one another and hate being separated from their friends. 

For one dog, Balu, his best friend is the family horse, Rita. The two of them do everything together. But they did experience a slight hiccup in their friendship after Rita ran away from home. Fortunately for Rita, nothing bad happened to her as she was caught by a nearby farmer. 

But her reunion with Balu ended up becoming a very long process since the farmer who found her refused to return her to her owner. This refusal meant that Rita’s owner became embroiled in a legal battle that dragged on for months. After seven long months, the horse was finally free to go home to her original family where she was able to reunite with her bestie, Balu. The dog was delighted! Both Rita and Balu acted as though no time had passed, they simply picked up right where they left off.

You can watch their reunion video below, but be warned, you might want to get some tissues:

Is that not just the most heart-warming thing you’ve seen all day? Let us know!

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