Dog And Little Boy Team Up To Get A Snack From The Fridge

The Beatles said it best when they admitted that “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We can all use a helping hand at some point in our lives. And the ones that we normally turn to are our friends. These can even be the furry kind.

Our pets most certainly count as friends as well. We turn to them for many needs such as a source of entertainment, a shoulder to cry on, and in the case of a little boy named Maverick, a partner in crime.

The young boy’s best friend is a Basset Hound named Leroy, and as Maverick’s mom has previously said the pair do everything together. She often refers to the duo as “the twins” since they’re always together. 

And this dynamic duo was caught by Mom trying to raid the fridge together. While the video itself was hilarious it was also a great example of teamwork. The little Basset Hound would already hang around a lot with Maverick during mealtime, but he was more than happy to help the little toddler carry out a raid on the fridge for the promise of food.

In the video, Maverick was having a little trouble accessing the fridge on account of being a small child. However, he was a quick problem solver and employed the help of his loyal bestie. Leroy was only happy to let Maverick climb up on top of his back in order to be able to get into the fridge and access all the yummy snacks. These two may be young but they definitely know that teamwork is dreamwork. 

Watch them in action below:

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