Dog Becomes A Foster Dad After Leading Rescuers To A Box Of Abandoned Kittens

Dogs are heroes through and through. And one dog helped to rescue a group of kittens.

Aragon was rescued by his owner in Greece. Together, they live close to the Immitos mountain, where they often take walks together.

Unfortunately, the pair often encounter empty cardboard boxes which have a sinister purpose: they’re used to dump kittens in the wild.

The sad reality is that their area of Greece, as well as other places in Greece, it has become common practice for people to abandon unwanted litters of kittens. I mean, because that makes so much more sense than properly spaying and neutering pets. *rolls eyes.

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Since these kittens are completely helpless and defenseless, they are prime targets for predators – hence the empty boxes.

Aragon’s owner volunteers with the animal charity SCARS. She decided to create a video to help bring this issue to light, as it is important that people know just how badly these poor animals get abandoned on the mountain by callous monsters.

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“Almost every day [Aragon’s mom] finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain (sometimes with the blankets and the toys still inside), but no animals.” SCARS shared on Youtube.

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One day, while out on a walk, Aragon’s owner brought her camera along in order to get some more footage for the video.

Since wild animals normally attack any abandoned kittens within hours, she was expecting to only get pictures of empty boxes.

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But then, Aragon began to draw his owner’s attention towards a box. When his owner opened the box and looked inside, she was shocked to find a live litter of kittens.

Miraculously, they had survived all odds and were able to be discovered and saved.

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The dog and owner duo took the litter of kittens home, where Aragon took up the role of foster parent quite seriously.

Not only had he rescued the kittens, but he was very protective of them after bringing them home.

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The whole litter of kittens were taken to a vet and checked out, with the volunteers of SCARS taking care of their every need. However, no one was as invested in the kittens as the sweet Aragon. It was clear that he had their best interests since the beginning.

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While they may not be biologically related, there was nothing that stopped Aragon from being the absolutely best foster daddy possible.

He was so sweet and patient with them. Aragon constantly played with them, cuddled them, cleaned them, and gave them plenty of love.

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If it hadn’t been for Aragon, these kittens may not have been found. And it’s tragic to think what could have happened them. But, now they have a chance at a full life. Aragon really loved caring for the kittens.

Check out the video below:

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