Dog Brings Her Owner Random ‘Treasures’ Every Time She Comes Home

Dogs are the physical embodiment of pure unconditional love – nobody knows that better than their owners who benefit greatly from that unconditional love. Most dogs express their joy and adoration at seeing their owners with kisses and lots of tail wagging, but one adorable dog has come up with a new of doing things. This precious soul brings her human a gift every time she comes home.

Seven-year-old Xena has taken it upon herself to go the extra mile to show her appreciation for her owner by presenting her with a gift every time she walks through the door.

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32-year-old owner, Kelly Seaton, has taken a series of pictures in order to document these unique gifts bestowed upon her by the golden Labrador Retriever mix.

And what are these unique treasures you may be wondering?

Well, Xena’s “gifts” are very random – to the point that Kelly is puzzled as to where she finds them in the first place. Some of these include sellotape, a bottle of essential oils, empty bottles, ribbon, long-misplaced socks, a feather duster, soda cans, a green bean, and a single piece of dry spaghetti.

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Much like Kelly, I’m sure we all have questions – particularly where in the world did she find the one green bean or the one dry spaghetti piece?

Unfortunately we may never know the truth.

However, Xena’s ritual is charming regardless as once she’s selected her gift for the day, she patiently sits by the door waiting – eager to hand over the present but not before a well-deserved belly rub, of course.

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Kelly, who is from Maryland, first began to take pictures of Xena’s gift-giving ways about 3 years ago as the items became increasingly bizarre.

As Kelly explained, “Xena has always brought me gifts. The first few times she did it, it was her ball or toys so I didn’t think anything of it. And the first time she brought me something random, I thought maybe she could find her toys but then it kept on happening.”

She added, “I never expected it to go on for this long. When I finally realized how odd it was, I started documenting it.”

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Besides finding gifts to commemorate Kelly’s return home, 7-year-old Xena also sometimes will personally deliver Kelly a random item if Kelly emerges from a different room in the home.

As Kelly said, “Her ball is the most common gift but she’s brought me all sorts. Sometimes I find myself really confused about where she finds these things.”

Kelly continued, “The other day she brought me a gallon jug and I don’t even know where it came from or where she found it. She will bring me socks that I’ve been looking for, for two weeks. I don’t know where she hides them.”

But it’s not just anything that makes the cut as Kelly remarked, “She is always very proud of what she brings me. It has to be something she thinks is worthy.”

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Kelly is always quick to thank Xena for her kind actions and gives her a well-earned petting after Xena drops the gift to the ground for Kelly to take.

Xena’s adorable habit of generosity doesn’t just start and end with Kelly – it extended to family and friends who are often left “beside themselves” with the presentation of their gifts. Xena is especially fond of Kelly’s mom and “goes crazy” whenever she hears her coming.

As Kelly states, “She runs around frantically looking for a gift that’s good enough.”

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Kelly believes that Xena’s passion for gift-giving is just a part of her sweet nature, and she reveals that Xena often goes out of her way to make people happy.

Kelly’s other dog, Maserati, often watches the process unfold and often wears an expression that tells Xena she’s a “suck-up.” Regardless, Kelly still describes Maserati and Xena as “the best of friends.”

Never change Xena! You’re just so pure!

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