Dog Can’t Contain Its Emotions When He Sees His Owner After Deployment

It’s difficult to be away from our dogs. Even if it’s just a short period of time, leaving our dogs at home can be hard on us. But it’s also hard on our dogs. They don’t always understand why they have to stay at home while we go away. And for those who serve in the military, they are often subject to deployments. It’s part of the job description and comes with the territory. In addition to having to say goodbye to their friends and family for a period of time, they also have to say farewell to their dogs. That is probably one of the harder goodbyes since dogs don’t always get why their people have to leave them behind for long periods of time. 

Military homecomings are always an emotional event. Soldiers feel a sense of joy and pure happiness to see their loved ones, and their families are also overjoyed to have their soldier back from deployment. But there is one homecoming reunion that never fails to pull the heartstrings. And that is seeing soldiers being reunited with their dogs after months apart. The pure love and comradery that is evident between people and their dogs is something that never fails to get a reaction out of people. It’s no wonder that these videos are always so popular. 

During one heartfelt moment at the airport, one soldier comes home to her dog after months of separation during deployment. It is clear that the dog is overcome by many different feelings and emotions when he greets his owner. He even begins to cry! It’s so sweet to watch as the pup begins to let out an intense, high-pitched whine – a noise that we can only assume is the doggie version of breaking down in tears of happiness. And it is clear that the owner is equally as touched to see her beloved pooch after all this time apart.

Check out the adorable video below:

Does that not just melt your heart and make you want to cry? Have you ever experienced a similar reunion with your dog after time apart? Let us know!

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