Dog Caught On Security Camera Getting A Bed For His Sick Brother

Dogs are such compassionate and loving animals. Once they’ve formed a deep connection with someone, there is no breaking that bond. And one family’s home security camera managed to capture the love that exists between the family’s pups.

When Roman got sick with an ear infection, his owner immediately took him to the vet. However, he quickly received the diagnosis that it was a hematoma, which is when blood collects outside the blood vessels. This made Roman quite uncomfortable.

Roman was booked in for surgery, but it wasn’t for a while. During the time he was waiting to get his ear repaired, Roman was quite unhappy. His brother and best friend, Spanky, quickly noticed that something wasn’t right.

Spanky’s demeanor started changing and he became quite gentle when interacting with Roman. Spanky was devoted to his brother and rarely left his side. This level of care was apparent during a follow-up appointment when Spanky wasn’t allowed in the room with Roman. According to The Dodo, Jackie Rogers, Spanky’s aunt, shared that the concerned pooch sat in the car the whole time, whining. He finally stopped when Roman joined him again. 

Once Roman underwent his surgery he needed plenty of downtime to rest. During his recovery, Spanky never left his side. The devoted dog continued to do his best to nurse his buddy back to health through loads of kindness and love.

The biggest surprise came on a day when Jackie was using the family’s camera system to check up on the dogs who were home alone. On camera, she spotted Roman sleeping on the ground. It wasn’t until Spanky entered the room that the heart-melting moment happened. When Spanky noticed that Roman was sleeping on the floor, the compassionate dog did something incredible. 

Jackie was completely in awe of the fact that Spanky went over to the dog bed in the corner and dragged it over to Roman. Then, the two climbed on top and cuddled on it until their family came home later that day.

After the clip was uploaded to social media the post accumulated many comments from people praising the love that the dog shows his friend.

One person stated, “if only humans were so compassionate, we’d have a better world…”

Another person wrote, “Animals are amazing. I hope this family has a plan to help Spanky cope while Roman is in surgery. It is amazing how animals care for each other and have such deep connections that humans don’t give them credit for.” 

A third comment was, “Animals are beautiful creatures and could teach most humans a few things.” 

Watch the love that is so evident within the video below:

What do you think of this relationship? Have your dogs ever done anything similar? Let us know!

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