Dog Caught On Security Camera Stealing Packages From Neighbor’s Doorstep

Nowadays there is a huge problem with porch pirates. In fact, social media is riddled with clips of the porch pirates swiping packages off unsuspecting people’s porches. It’s an epidemic.

So when one Texas family noticed that their packages were going missing, they immediately went on alert that they had a thief in their midst. In order to catch the culprit, they started going through their surveillance footage on their doorbell camera in order to see who it was.

Needless to say, they were flabbergasted to learn that the porch pirate taking their packages wasn’t even a person – it was a dog!

Now how can you be mad at that?

10-year-old Abby Garza revealed to new station, KRGV, “It was kind of funny because nobody would ever expect a dog to steal a package.”

As the family reviewed the footage, they were quite surprised that this pooch porch pirate was actually quite methodical in the way he pilfers the packages.

The Garzas noted that the dog is one who frequently takes jaunts through the McAllen, Texas neighborhood. In the video clip, the dog patiently waits for the mailman drive off before he makes his move.

YouTube screenshot

Once the dog makes sure the coast is clear, he walks up to the door then sniff the package before grabbing it and scampering off.

Garza said, “The first package was my mom’s clothes, the second was my easter basket, he was chewing all over it.”

Given that the majority of the neighborhood is well-aware of the pooch’s thievery, Garza says that the neighbors have all agreed to return any dropped packages they come across to their rightful owners.

Watch the video below:

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