Dog Creates Ridiculous Plan To Steal Chicken Nuggets And Gets Caught Red-Handed

Lucy is a beagle who loves to snack throughout the day. So when her owner began to find crumbs of food all around the floor daily, she began to suspect that Lucy was getting into trouble while she was gone. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Lucy’s owner planted a hidden camera in order to see exactly how Lucy was doing it.

In this video, you can clearly see the owner baiting Lucy with some chicken nuggets that she places in the oven. It’s not long until Lucy is eyeing the prize – no doubt planning out her heist. Then, this clever dog pushes a chair over towards the sink where she gets up onto the counter and successfully reaches the oven!

After the first hurdle, Lucy looks pretty confident as she pries open the oven door with her paw and shakes loose the nuggets. Sadly for her, only one nugget falls to the ground. Lucy immediately jumps down and eats it up – but it’s clear that she’s not satisfied with just the one nugget. But who can blame her, no one ever eats just one nugget.

It’s not long before Lucy is back en route via the chair to try her luck with the oven again. This time, her gamble pays off and the entire plate of nuggets goes crashing to the floor. This time, Lucy hops down victorious, enjoying her spoils on the floor. Hopefully, Lucy’s owner will start to dog-proof her kitchen after watching Lucy in action.

Watch Lucy’s chicken nugget heist below:

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