Dog Cries Out In Happiness After Spending Two Months Apart From Owner

Our pets are important members of our family. And dogs are the most loyal of a loyal and loving bunch. There is a reason that they’re referred to as man’s best friend. They will be there unconditionally for you no matter what, and they are always happy to see us.

And when we’re gone a while, there is no one who will give you a heartfelt welcome, quite like a dog. They make you feel so incredibly loved – and there is scientific research to back up this feeling. Apparently, there is plenty of scientific findings that when a person looks at their dog, the hormone oxytocin is produced – the same hormone that the body produces when they look at their small child. This is what leads to us literally seeing our pets like our children, as well as experience that bond that makes us feel that our dogs understand us and our emotions. Of course, there is also plenty of evidence to suggest our dogs can indeed read us and understand us.

Overall, the bonds between a dog and their owner is one that built on pure love and understanding, which is why we cannot stand to be away from them for long. While going off to run errands for an afternoon is tough, it’s much tougher when we have to leave them for weeks or months at a time.

One man had to say goodbye to his beloved German Shepherd, Freya, while he left for a few months with work. Even though he left his precious pup in the capable hands of his mother, and had regard Skype calls with her, it was still difficult. Even Freya knew that it wasn’t the same not having him around.

When the time finally came for Freya’s owner to come back home, he and his family decided to surprise the faithful dog. The family hid her owner behind the door, and then let the camera roll, knowing that the reunion would be one for the ages.

They were not wrong.

Freya actually let out a yelp of happiness! The moment was a very tender one to see two best friends coming together again, after several months apart from each other.

You can watch the precious moment in the footage below:

It will definitely resonate with any pet owner who’s had to be away from their furbaby for an extended period of time.

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