Dog Demands That Mom Sit In The Back Seat As She Holds Dad’s Hand

When most dogs ride in the car with us, it’s all about their heads hanging out the window, barking at other dogs in other cars, bouncing around in the back seat, and having that blissful look on their faces as their tongues and ears flap around in the breeze. Our dogs are hardly the sentimental types when taking a car ride. My dog was a very affectionate doggie but every time she got a chance to ride in the backseat she pretended not to know who we were because she was too busy taking in all the cool sights and smells. While this may be most dogs, it’s certainly not all dogs. And one sweet girl in particular has an adorable habit of wanting to hold her owner’s hand while they drive in the car. How cute is that?

There is absolutely no doubt that a golden retriever named Lucy, is a total daddy’s girl. She adores her owner and insists on being by his side as frequently as possible – even during car rides. This even comes with certain sacrifices, like her mom gets ousted from her seat every time they ride in the car because Lucy needs to go in the front seat.  And this isn’t a one-time occurrence either, it happens literally every car ride. Poor mom has to sit in the back so that Lucy gets to be next to dad. And if that isn’t enough, Lucy insists that her dad hold her paw through the duration of the drive.

While this might seem adorable, the pup does have a sneaky side. She will often turn to the backseat and shoot mom a smug look as though to remind mom who the favorite is. During one of those moments, mom managed to capture Lucy’s smugness on camera. Of course, it’s such a cute video that it would be impossible to shame Lucy for her behavior. We can’t stop laughing at the clip it’s not only funny but immensely delightful to watch.

Check it out below:

What do you think of Lucy’s antics? Does your dog ever do something similar? Let us know!

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