Dog Eagerly Waits Each Day For The UPS Driver To Arrive

There is a stereotype that all dogs hate mail carriers and other delivery people who bring packages to our doorsteps. For most of us who have dogs ourselves, we know that this isn’t always accurate. The subject is very grey rather than black and white. My dog used to love our mailman that came around. She was always so excited to him come around every morning at 10 am on the dot. However, she wasn’t that fond of the FedEx or UPS delivery guys – perhaps because it was a different delivery driver each time and she didn’t get a chance to known them. When they walked up to the house, she’d often bark at them then very cautiously approach them for a sniff once we told her she had nothing to fear. But our mailman, that was a different story. She came charging to the front door with glee every time. 

And it’s not unusual for different dogs to have all kinds of reactions to delivery drivers or mail carriers coming to their homes. But sometimes there are those that our dogs end up forming a friendship with. It could be routine that makes our dogs grow to expect and look forward to their appearances – or it could be something to do with food!

One dog owner, Jordan Weisman, who managed to capture his dog’s reaction to the UPS truck arriving at the house. Weisman’s dog, a big Boxer, is quite fond of the delivery driver whose route takes him by the Weisman home. And after watching the video it’s pretty easy to deduce why this delivery driver is one of the Boxer’s favorite people. 

In the video, as soon as the excited pooch sees the truck stopping outside the home, he immediately runs outside to go greet the driver. The pup eagerly jumps into the delivery truck and after a few hellos and friendly pats, the Boxer gets want he came for: a treat! The UPS delivery driver seems only too happy to continue to facilitate this unique little bond that they have. 

And it’s just too sweet for words. Check it out in the clip below:

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