Dog Faces A Dilemma When Dad Asks If He Wants To Take A Bath Or Go On A Walk

Dogs are super easy to please. All you need to do is provide them with lots of cuddles, food, treats, and playtime. That is really all it takes for them to be happy. What makes them not happy is the vet, being left alone, and occasionally, baths.

Not all dogs despise baths but a good few do. And the ones who don’t enjoy bath time are usually pretty good at avoiding it. They will quickly catch on the subtle clues that there is a bath about to commence and that will make them run and hide. As a result, there have been plenty of owners who have had to get clever to outsmart their pups in order to get them into the tub without an issue. 

And one dog owner showed off his dog’s brilliance for knowing the difference between what she loves and what she hates. The video was certainly something that I think all dog owners will be able to relate to. 

The video begins with Butterfly’s owner asking if she wants to go for a ride in the car. Immediately the pooch appears, an eager look on her face. However, a ride was not in the cards. As soon as the pup appeared, the owner changed his tune and asked if she’d like to take a bath.

She reacted the way that any dog would – she ran off. She certainly was not going to be sticking around. In a hilarious twist, he asked again if she wanted to go for a ride. And there she was again, standing in the doorway ready to go. But then he said the horrible word “bath” again and she was gone.

The owner did this several times, and each time Butterfly reacted to the two words the same as she had before. She’d disappear for a bath only to reappear for a ride. Hopefully, this good girl eventually got her car ride.

Watch Butterfly’s video below:

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