Dog Fears Her Human Is Being Washed Away So She Rushes To Save The Day

There is a reason dogs are often portrayed as heroes in different movies, TV shows, and other media. It’s because in real life they possess all the qualities required to make a hero: compassion, loyalty, and bravery. There is nothing that our dogs won’t do for us, especially when they think that we are in immediate danger. I’m sure that every dog owner out there has at least one story of their dog doing something charming when they’ve perceived their owner to be in trouble.

And there was one family who was able to catch the sweet moment when their granddaughter was “rescued” by Matyas. The giant fluffy pooch thought she was drowning in the ocean. While at the beach close to Gouville-sur-Mer, France, the dog was relaxing on the sand while the little girl was having fun in the water, splashing and playing around. 

Most kids love playing amongst the waves, but occasionally they can get a little rough for the children who are really little. And that seemed to be the case with Matyas’ favorite tiny human. When a really big wave knocked down the young girl, Matyas was ready for action. The dog immediately charged out to where she was swimming and intervened.

Rather than letting her continue her fun, he gently grabbed her top in his mouth and started dragging her towards the shore. It was clear that he thought his tiny human was about to be washed out to sea, and his resulting actions were just so sweet. 

And the little girl couldn’t get mad at the dog once she realized what he was doing. In fact, as she was getting rescued, all she could do was laugh at Matyas’ actions. He was saving her life in a manner of speaking.  And it wasn’t until the dog had decided that the girl was “safe,” did he let go. 

The video perfectly captures the loving and protective nature of dogs, so it wasn’t long until the clip went viral. It was viewed more than a million times – and we can see why. It’s so heartwarming. 

Check it out below:

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