Dog Finally Gets A Forever Home, But He Runs Away To Find His Foster Mom

When dogs form an attachment to someone, it is impossible to break. We’ve heard of countless stories where a dog proves their undying loyalty to a person by walking for miles to get back to them, or waiting for hours outside a hospital, etc. What can we say? Dogs are just the best, most loyal animals out there.

And one little dog named Geoffrey is no exception.

This adorable little guy was in the loving foster care of his foster mom. He had developed a special bond with her. It was so special to him, that when he was adopted, he didn’t really want to go.

Of course, his foster mom was thrilled for him, but little Geoffrey wasn’t. He loved his foster mom so much, that when he was taken to his forever home, he ended up running away in favor of his foster home – and that is when he got lost.

His foster mom had received a call saying that he’d run away and been hit by a car – after which he’d disappeared. Naturally, she was very concerned and set out to find him. She was desperate to find the lost Geoffrey, when she got another phone call about a dog hidden inside a warehouse.

Assuming it was indeed Geoffrey, she made her way to the warehouse and found him. And the reunion is one that will tug at your heartstrings.

You can watch the magical reunion below:

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