Dog Flips Out When Mom Pretends To Show Him A New Diet

Nobody likes a diet. And if we humans feel bad enough about sometimes having to nosh on nothing but celery and carrot sticks, we can’t forget about our pups and how they feel. While we don’t like to admit it, sometimes our pets can turn into little chunksters. And while they may look adorable when chubby, it’s not good for them. Similarly to humans, too much extra weight on our dogs can lead to health problems. That is why, when we notice that our pooches are getting a little too round for their own good, we have to help them get back on track. And this usually includes a diet. 

And just like humans, our dogs hate diets too. I remember when our dog had to briefly go on a diet, she was not happy having to only eat her special weight loss dry food for the duration of her weight loss journey. She begrudgingly ate it without complaint, but there are some dogs that aren’t as subtle. Some dogs can be outright dramatic when it comes to showing their displeasure at having to ride the diet train to a healthier body. And Pao, an adorable Pomeranian, gave quite a hilarious reaction to a restrictive diet.

In the video, his owner presents him with a bowl of dry food, but the number of kibbles is considerably less. It was just two. While we know this was just the owner doing a fake-out for the camera, Pao’s reaction was priceless. He had no idea that his owner was joking, so when he was presented with two kibbles for dinner, he quite literally lost it. The little Pomeranian was originally seated before his dish, patiently waiting for dinner to arrive. He had his tongue sticking out, accompanied by a silly expression on his face. But the second that he saw the two kibbles go into his dish, the little dog began to give a menacing snarl, followed by a temper tantrum in which he flipped the dish and sent its contents flying – the same reaction I’d have to be given two baby carrots for a meal. Then, the little hangry pup quickly changes his mind and rushes to eat the two kibbles.

Watch his hilarious reaction in the video below:

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