Dog Freaks Out When He Figures Out That He’s At The Pet Store

Do you remember what your favorite place was as a kid? Most of us probably recall it was the toy store. We probably all used to go nuts with excitement whenever our parents would pull into the parking lot, knowing that more than likely, we’d be walking away with a brand new toy. The same can be said for our dogs. They’re our furbabies, so it only makes sense that they would have a child-like excitement about them whenever going to the pet store. And they do. The pet store is their equivalent of a toy store since they always come out of there with some new toys and treats every time.

And one owner showed the internet the adorable footage of his pug’s reaction to arriving in their local Petsmart. As anyone can guess, Captain the Pug’s favorite place is Petsmart. So, when the owner makes the announcement that they’re headed to his favorite place, the pug breaks down into the most adorable reaction ever.

The video begins with Captain seated in the front seat, the seat belt securely fastened around him. He’s very composed and calm, at least until his owner says the magic words.

His owner announces, “Hey buddy, we’re at PetSmart.”

Immediately, the pug’s demeanor changes to one of pure excitement as he begins barking. Then, when Captain manages to peer out of the window and see the PetSmart logo, his barks suddenly become howls of elation. It’s just too cute of a reaction not to make you smile.

He gets more and more excitable, managing to free himself and pace around the passenger seat, eager to go inside. Eventually, his owner asks Captain if he wants to get out and go inside – and that is when the pug goes even more ballistic.

It’s a reaction that I’m sure every dog owner has experienced from their own dog either getting excited for the pet store or the dog park. But it’s definitely a video that resonates with many of us.

And watching Captain get out of the car and head for Petsmart is the purest thing that you could ever watch.

Enjoy the video below:

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