Dog Gets A New Hairstyle Each Day That He’s In Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy, especially if you’re someone who didn’t manage to get a haircut prior to everything going into lockdown. It’s safe to say that we’re all slowly morphing into Hagrid as our hair and beards grow wild. Not to mention all the dye jobs that growing out as well – hope no one lied to their significant other that their hair color is natural! As my naturally curly hair becomes longer and unruly, I’m grateful that I’m in a committed relationship with someone who knows what to expect – I’d hate to be a part of those new couples in their honeymoon state who are getting a crash course in what we really look like when hair salons and barbershops are closed down because of the pandemic.

But we humans aren’t the only ones suffering from a lack of grooming. All across the country, our dogs are also suffering as they can’t get their coats trimmed. So, alongside their owners, our dogs are also starting to look like their former, shelter dog selves with unkempt hair. However, when dogs look un-groomed, they’re at least still cute.

But for one woman, she discovered that her dog’s increasingly unruly hair was actually a great source of entertainment in the face of a lockdown. Hannah Heil and her husband Adam are in quarantine just like the rest of the world. And joining them, is the couple’s precious Newfoundland pup, Hank. Hank’s hair is getting a little out of control, but that doesn’t matter since it’s become the latest creative inspiration for Hannah, who is now giving him different hairstyles and sharing the pictures with the rest of us.

And we’re so grateful!

The best news is she plans to continue these daily stylings until the lockdown is over. And this is truly the kind of wholesome doggie content that we need right now.

So, check out the many different hairstyles of Hank:

Clearly, this is exactly what we need to keep a smile on our faces during these very crazy times. For more Hank content, follow him on his very own Instagram account.

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