Dog Gets A Stepping Stool So He Can See His Neighbor’s Dog

Big dogs definitely have plenty of advantages that come with their size. One of the biggest advantages is that most people or dogs won’t really try to mess with them because they’re so large and intimidating. But there are plenty of other advantages to their height, like being able to reach up and snag food from the kitchen table or counter. There are plenty of large breeds of dogs, but one of the ones that often comes to mind is the Great Dane. These gentle giants are huge. My mother and uncle had one when they were growing up. She was a sweet and patient dog, but she also had a sneaky side to her. She used to like to go on excursions around the neighborhood. And no matter how many times my grandfather would change the locks on the garden gate, their Great Dane would always user her height to get up and unlock the gate. She also had a system of taking fellow dogs out with her, then getting them lost and returning home without them. 

But for two Great Danes, Vito and Bambino, they use their height to help them see over the fence in their backyard. From their vantage point they are able to see into their neighbor’s yard. There wasn’t much to see in the neighbor’s yard, until the next-door neighbors moved, and the new neighbors had a potential new friend for the two Great Danes.

One of the days that Vito and Bambino were snooping into the yard, they noticed they had a new neighbor, a chocolate Lab named Giuseppe. The friendly Great Danes were excited to say hello to the chocolate Lab, who was equally as happy to say hi. There was only one problem. While the Great Danes were easily able to peek over the fence, Giuseppe wasn’t as lucky. He was shorter than the Great Danes, so he didn’t quite make it to the top of the fence. 

He really wanted to say a proper hello, but he was unable to make the climb. Still, the pup kept on trying. Taking note of his struggle, his owners were quick to try and find a solution for the pup. They went inside their home and searched around for something. Finding a step stool, they were able to place it in front of the wall for the pooch to get up. And that he did. Giuseppe was finally able to say a proper greeting to his friendly next-door neighbors. 

Robert Carnes

And the best part was, the trio’s blossoming friendship ended up bringing the two families together. Because of their dogs, they ended up forming a friendship themselves. And now, the two households spend plenty of time together, meaning that Giuseppe almost always gets to play and take walks with his new besties, Vito and Bambino.

How sweet is that? What do you think of this friendship? Let us know!

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