Dog Gets Adopted After 900 Days And Helps New Owner Recover From A Breakup

Two years ago, an adorable pooch named Leo, was scheduled to be euthanized in Sioux City. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by Linda Reynolds with Dogs Forever and his journey to find a forever home began. It looks just over 900 days, but the Iowa dog eventually got his happily ever after. 

“We said we would take him and I met the person that was transporting him in Webster City on Aug. 10, 2017, and brought him to Dogs Forever,” Linda spoke to the ABC affiliate KCRG.

Following his rescue, Leo proved to be a bit of a difficult dog and he didn’t quite manage to bond with any of the potential families that came to the shelter. But things took a turn for the better when he met David Evens.


Evens had first spotted Leo on the Dogs Forever website on Christmas Eve, 2019. He quickly became enamored with the dog and decided to visit Leo. From that moment, until March, Evens underwent training to help him and Leo better bond. In addition, he was quite diligent about fulfilling the different requirements needed of him in order to make sure that both he and his home were ready to receive the active dog. 

As Linda explained, Evens had to show he was willing to put in a fence, as well as a kennel in his home. The shelter had asked him to work with a trainer for a month, but Evens continued for three months. 

Even though it was Evens who adopted Leo and gave him a new shot at life, he still credits the dog with getting him through a rough time in his life. 

As he shared with KCRG, he had just gone through a break-up, and it was Leo that helped to save him from the loneliness. There is no doubt that these two will be each other’s best friend forever. 


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