Dog Throws A Tantrum Cause His Mom Was Away For Too Long

Dogs are usually pretty easygoing animals. That is part of the reason why we love them so much. Their personalities are pretty low key and it’s easy to keep them happy. They’re quite the opposite of cats who are often very moody little creatures. I remember my dog growing up was such a chill dog. She never got upset over anything. The only time she would ever be “mad” was when she had to go to the vet’s office for her yearly checkups. But even then she would get over it pretty quickly. And if we were ever gone for long periods of time, like when we’d take a vacation, she was simply delighted to have us home – unlike our cats who’d ignore us for two days to prove a point. 

When most dog owners have to leave home for an extended period of time, most of the time their dogs will be excited to have them back home. We all know that feeling of being welcomed home by a loving dog. Nothing beats coming home to a very excitable dog. They are usually all smiles, jumping up and down as they show how much they’ve missed us. No one quite does a warm welcome like a dog. However, not all dogs would appear to be as elated as we’d assume. Some are more like cats where they throw little temper tantrums. And one adorable Newfoundland dog was certainly not about to let his owner off lightly when she returned home. 

Rather than showing a genuine joy at seeing his owner come home, this moody pooch decided that he was going to make his unhappiness known. And that took on the form of a doggie temper tantrum. This temperamental pooch’s response caused his owner to find the moment hilarious. She recorded his dog’s annoyance. In the video, you can hear her making her apologies for leaving the pup behind at home. The Newfoundland doesn’t really react, instead he stares at her, upset. Then he looks away and doesn’t make eye contact with her. Someone is definitely in the doghouse. But unlike a cat’s temper tantrum, this big softie can’t stay mad for long. Once the owner says the magic words, “I’m sorry,” the pup lets out a whine and comes over for cuddles. 

Guess all is forgiven.

Watch the sweet video below:

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