Dog Gives His Mom The ‘Cold Shoulder’ After She Picks Him Up From The Vet

All dogs have their own individual personalities, which means that some dogs hold grudges a little bit more than others. Some of us dog owners many ave even personally experienced a cold-shoulder from a dog first hand. This could’ve been a result of a vacation we took where they were sent to a boarding kennel, or even if we had to work extra late one evening. Either way, sometimes dogs can be less than happy to see us. Well, perhaps not less than happy to see us, so much as they want to make us suffer for our sins a bit.

Which is why one dog decided to give his owner the cold shoulder after he was left at the vet’s office. Fritz the dog was sent to the vet’s for a routine teeth cleaning. His owner, Bret Mortimer, left the 2-year-old lab mix there for the entire day, picking Fritz up at the end of the day. Naturally, Fritz was not happy with how his day went. He decided to show Bret just how upset he was by her betrayal. Or at least what he perceived to be a betrayal. The whole time in the car, Fritz gave her some pretty strong side-eye. There was no way that she would miss that.

Bret caught the entire thing on camera. After she uploaded it, the video went viral in only a few short days. But the video was so funny, that it was impossible not to have it go viral across the internet.

As Bret explained regarding Fritz’s reaction, she said, “Fritz was mad I took him to get his teeth cleaned and would not look at me afterward. The coldest shoulder.”

Bret wondered if Fritz’s annoyance was because the dog mistook his outing as being one to the dog park rather than the vet. Fritz often gets to go to the park nearly every day. However, those eyes definitely tell a different story.

Bret added, “he’s a human trapped in a dog’s body, I swear.”

Of course, while Fritz may have been upset, he probably couldn’t grasp exactly why Brett took him to the vets. As all pet owners know, sometimes we have to do things that are unpleasant for our pets in order to maintain their well-being. And Brett taking her dog to the vet’s for a teeth cleaning was exactly that. She just wanted to keep him healthy. Hopefully, Fritz eventually got that.

But based on Brett’s comments, he eventually did. While Brett said that Fritz is “usually full of love,” she revealed that it didn’t take long for Fritz to forgive her and the two were back to being besties. That’s probably the difference between dogs and cats – dogs eventually forgive you.

Watch the video below:

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