Dog Goes Nuts When He Spots A Squirrel Outside The Car

Dogs make all kinds of noises. Depending on what they want or what they’re feeling, our dogs can make noises such as barks, growls, yips, whines, and even huffs. Some dogs are quite vocal while others are more reserved – but either way, they all have their own unique ways of communicating. The dog I had when I was growing up was quite a vocal dog. Whenever she spotted another dog in the dog park she would make these excited yipping sounds until we would walk her over to them so she could introduce herself and make a new friend. That was one of her many endearing qualities. She was also known to sometimes huff whenever one of the cats would steal her bed in the living room. Her huff always happened as she would lay down beside her occupied bed as though she was expressing her exasperation at having to surrender her bed yet again.

While dog noises are nothing out of the ordinary, sometimes we come across some rather bizarre canine communications. Thanks to the far-reaching spans of the internet, dog owners everywhere can share their dogs’ personal quirks with the world. And that is exactly what one springer spaniel’s owner did after filming this pooch’s very unique sounds. The video is unlike anything you’ll ever see or hear from a dog. 

Rocco the dog is filmed doing what his owners call his “squirrel song.” Apparently Rocco is quite fond of the squirrels. This happy little pup loves to go to the park and chase the bushy-tailed critters every chance that he gets. That means that whenever he sees a squirrel he gets quite worked up and excited – so worked up to the point that he makes this bizarre little noise that sounds more like a chatter. In the clip below, not only can you hear the strange sound but you can also see the bizarre movements that his mouth makes as he’s producing the sounds. 

If I’m completely honest, as a veteran cat owner, this pup sounds very close to that predatory chatter that cats make when they’re stalking their prey. Who knows, maybe Rocco is part feline? Take a look and let us know your verdict:

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