Dog Has A Hilarious New Smile After Stealing Her Dad’s Dentures

How bored are people right now? Pretty bored. How else do you explain the popularity of Tiger King on Netflix?

One man in Michigan did what plenty of us have probably already done – bought a lot of random stuff online. One of the items that he purchased, were a pair of fake teeth. The comically large flippers ended up providing the man with more laughs than he could’ve imagined when his dog stole them.

And thank goodness for it.

Ben had bought them with the intention of using them to take funny selfies. However, his pet, Thomas, ended up being the one to get the most laughs.

The little dog ended up stealing them from the table where Ben had placed them. And thankfully, the little dog had the good sense to not chew on them, but rather just wander around the house while holding them in his mouth.

And the results are comic gold.

Thomas managed to grab them at such an angle that as a result, he looks like a tiny little dog who has big, human teeth – and we are unapologetically laughing.

When Ben saw the scene unfolding, he had the good sense to capture it all on camera so his fellow social distancers could enjoy it too. The video features little Thomas caught trying to get away with stealing his teeth, while Ben laughs, asking, “Thomas, what are you doing?”

If Thomas could talk we can only imagine he’d say something like “making you laugh.”

Since being shared online, the video has taken over social media – receiving thousands of likes and comments. In the end, Ben did seem to get the entertainment he wanted out of his fake teeth, but most likely not the way he had originally imagined.

Watch the cute video below:

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