When we’re looking to switch up our hairstyle, we usually take to social media for inspiration. I mean, hashtag hair goals is my first stop before booking an appointment with my stylist.

And one 3-year-old Springer Spaniel named Finley, is definitely hair goals. He is going viral on social media due to his gorgeously sleek locks – which are all-natural.

The rest of us can’t help but feel a ping of jealously over Finley’s auburn waves that are so perfectly tousled. He looks like he’s got the perfect mix of beach waves and bedhead – but like, really good. It’s no wonder that this canine has more than 12,000 Instagram followers, and has been nicknamed, “Finn, creator of hair envy.”

Finley’s owner, Rebecca Munday, revealed to Metro that, “It all started when he was six months old with a mohawk, then as he grew – his hair did too.”

Rebecca acknowledged that Finley is always receiving compliments on his locks, and many people who’ve stopped him have commented that “he looks like a rockstar.”

Rebecca also added that, “He has been compared to Brian May from Queen and John Lennon.”

She also admitted that she loves her dog’s unique locks, saying, “I absolutely love it and so do other people, we get stopped every time we are out in public.”

Thanks to his canine good-looks, Finley has been able to launch a successful career as a pet influencer.

She has revealed that Finley has received loads of free products, such as toys, collars, and beds, which he then promotes on his social media channels.

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We were recently #gifted this beautiful dog bed from @harrisoncropperinteriors 😍 You should seriously check them out some of their home decor is gorgeous mummy can't wait to get paid! But most importantly this bed is super comfy and comes in several colours so keep an eye out for their bed launch👀 • 🏷️BRAND REP CODES: 'FINN10' for 10% off; @beadsbraidsknots @lunas.loft @woofsandwhiskersuk @silverbird_keepsakes • • #comfy #toocute #harrisoncropperinteriors #gifted #springer #spanielsofinstagram #spanielswithtufts #betterhairthanboris #snuggledup #keepingwarm #springersofinstagram #posing #bedlaunch #supportsmallbusinesses #handsomeboy #dogsofgreatbritain

A post shared by Finn, creator of hair envy💁 (@finleythespringer) on

Of course, Rebecca does put the items to good use – the extra items that he receives she then donates to the animal shelter where she works.

So, what exactly is the secret behind Finley’s perfect hair? Rebecca says that there really isn’t anything special. He gets his hair brushed everyday and goes to the groomer once every six months. If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

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