Dog Helps Care For Injured Baby Squirrel Until It’s Released Back Into The Wild

There is something about dogs that is just so kind. They have an innate sense to care for others – something that we could probably all learn from. My mom was always commenting on my dog’s instincts about being a “mother hen” towards all the animals in our family. She was always so patient and loving towards the cats – no matter how many times they took advantage of her or bullied her for her comfortable bed. She was very protective towards the rabbits and when we’d let them roam free in the yard for a few hours she was always right beside them, making sure nothing happened to them. But perhaps one of the sweetest things about her was her constant willingness to take in and care for any baby birds that fell out of their nests. She spent most of the spring and summer months patrolling beneath the two avocado trees in search of any stranded birds. 

It’s not uncommon for our dogs to show compassion for other animals. And for one little baby squirrel, it was a golden retriever’s tender loving care that helped to save it. The little baby squirrel didn’t just have a canine savior, it also gained a new best friend. The golden retriever appeared to be quite taken with the little baby and immediately formed an unshakable bond with the tiny squirrel. 

According to the dog’s owners, Millie the golden retriever had found the little baby squirrel in their backyard. The squirrel, who had since been named “Squirrel,” was assumed to have fallen out of one of the trees in the yard. The little thing was just a helpless little thing, so it was quite lucky that Millie found it in time. 

The owners further shared that when Millie led them to the squirrel, they were hesitant to take it inside. They assumed that the mother must be nearby, so they waited a day, keeping an eye on it, to see if the mother would come for Squirrel. Sadly, she never did. They knew right then that either the mother couldn’t find Squirrel, or she had met a tragic end herself. Following Millie’s lead, the owners took in the baby and raised it themselves until he was ready to be released back into the wild. 

After a week with the family, Squirrel had made leaps and bounds and had really grown up. As noted, the little squirrel had gone from a helpless baby with its eyes shut, to a very energetic little tyke who enjoyed playing. And right beside him, caring for him, was Millie. The two formed a cute friendship that was then caught on camera. Watch the clip below:

Does this not just melt your heart? What do you think? Let us know!

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