Dog Is So Happy To Have His Dad Home That He Unpacks His Truck

Sometimes we really don’t deserve dogs. They are truly wonderful animals who love us unconditionally and want to help us out in whatever way they can. Most of the time that help comes in the form of comfort when we are upset. Many of us who have dogs know that when you’re crying, there is nobody who will offer up affection and care quite like our furry friends. There is no doubt that our dogs would happily do anything to help us out if they could. 

Some of us might even get a little help with the bags after a long trip if we’re lucky. And that is exactly what one loving golden retriever did for one his owner. When we come home from a trip, it’s not hard to imagine how great it would be for our dogs to give us a helping hand – or paw as it were. We love coming home to our pups, especially after traveling because it means we get to experience the best welcome home ever. Whenever they see us, they get all excited and they can’t stop wagging their tails and jumping up and down. It’s quite endearing. 

But nothing beat when a golden retriever was so happy to see his owner come back home, that he actually gave him a hand with all his items. The adorable pup is Toby, and as his owner described him, he’s a “good working dog.” Apparently this is normal behavior for the dog, who is always there to greet his owner whenever he arrives home. And the pup is quite efficient too! He doesn’t miss a beat when getting the man’s bags in the house. It’s like he wants to get his favorite person in the house as quickly as possible! How cute is that? He even looks so incredibly proud of himself as he’s carrying the luggage.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of Toby’s actions? Would you love it your dog could carry your bags inside for you? Let us know!

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