Dog Leaps Out Of The Car When He Spots His Dad Home From Deployment

Our dogs will be some of our most loyal companions. When we leave the house, they will wait for us to return – whether that is an hour, a day, a month, or a year. They will be the happiest and most excited to see us. When I was sixteen, my parents and I took a two-week trip to Europe. That was the longest that we had spent away from our dog. And she was definitely happy to see us return. Our cats, not so much. They made a point to avoid us for several hours so that they could drive home the fact that we’d done a bad thing. Our dog on the other hand was ecstatic. While we were only gone for two weeks, our dog’s reaction was that of pure joy. And we can only imagine how the dogs whose owners are gone for longer react to seeing their people return. For those who serve in the military, deployments can last a long time – sometimes even a full year. It is hard on everyone involved, particularly the dogs of the solders. They don’t know what is happening. All they know is that their best friend is gone, and they’re not coming home. As much as someone might say to them that their owner will be home someday, they still can’t fully understand. 

Photo: Youtube

That is why their reactions to soldiers coming home is usually such a big deal. They probably think that they’ve lost their human, so they’re extra excited that their best friend has returned. We’ve seen so many videos of reunions between soldiers and their dogs. And each one is equally as heartwarming as the last. It’s impossible not to feel like crying when you see the joy that a dog feels seeing their person return home. And the soldiers more often than not get just as emotional as well. These videos always stand to remind us of the intense love and bond that exists between human beings and their dogs.

For one soldier, his deployment lasted almost an entire year. It was difficult being away from his family, just as much as they missed him. But no one missed the solder as much as Chuck, his loyal canine companion. When Chuck saw his friend again, the reaction was exactly what you would expect from a dog who hasn’t seen his owner in a while. Take a look below:

Does that not just fill your heart with joy? Let us know!

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