Dog Learns To Walk On His Back Legs After An Accident

Our dogs never fail to amaze us with their unique little quirks. And in the city of Ouray, Colorado, one Brittany Spaniel named Dexter has been wowing the people of the town with his two-legged trick. This clever pup actually walks on his hind legs like a person.

His owner, Kentee Pasek, referred to Dexter as a “showman” to The Denver Post. Pasek said, “He knows when people are watching and he’ll start walking on his hind legs, which always draws a gawking crowd. People want to meet him. They either take pictures or get a picture with him.” 

Dexter has become an internet sensation because of his unique mannerisms. He’s already gained thousands of Instagram followers. Plus, there is a viral video on TikTok that features Dexter’s silly human walk. 

While his unique walk has definitely amused and delighted people all across the internet, the origins of how he came to walk that way actually have a pretty gruesome beginning. It all began when one day that Dexter got loose from the yard and disappeared. Fearing for their dog’s safety, his owners went looking for him. Pasek’s husband, Tim, was the one who located Dexter. At the time, the pup was busy following a deer. But before Tim could get to Dexter, the pooch was hit by a truck while Tim could only watch helplessly in horror. 

Tim, who also works as an EMT, rushed to his pup’s side and immediately began applying tourniquets to Dexter’s front legs which had been crushed by the impact. While he was able to get Dexter to the vet’s for emergency medical attention in time, the one thing that could not be saved was Dexter’s front leg – they had to amputate. 

Dr. Chris Franklin, Dexter’s doctor, recalled, “He was in horrible condition, with massive trauma. His right front leg was dangling; no way to save it.”

While he went through a massive trauma, Dexter’s sunny optimism seemed unfazed by all the bad that he’d experienced. Over the following three months, he seemed to be genuinely happy seeing all the veterinary staff – something that Dr. Franklin remarked was “pretty rare.” He noted that most animals aren’t thrilled about showing up at their office. 

Dr. Franklin was equally as confused as Dexter’s owners by the pup’s new method of getting around. As the vet pointed out, the way that Dexter walks is perhaps his way of adapting to his new circumstances as he no long her one of his front legs. The vet was thoroughly moved by the dog’s resilience and his desire to continue moving forward in life. It wasn’t just the vet who was touched by Dexter’s upbeat habits. His owners were also quite inspired by the way that he has taken to adjusting to his new life. It has gotten his owners wanting to be as upbeat as they possibly can as well, despite all the uncertainty going on in the world right now.

Pasek added, “You look at Dexter and he’s dealt with his tragedy so graciously this whole time. He’s still kind and he’s embracing his new normal. He’s showing us how to be brave and that we can be positive, too.”

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