Dog Lives On A Farm With Baby Goats And Thinks She’s Their Mommy

A mother’s love is powerful, even if the mom and children are not related – just take Loryn and her “kids” for example, a tight-knit family that is close as ever, despite being from different species.

That is because Loryn is a golden retriever who took on some baby goats as her children.

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And Loryn was quite the proud mama – happily taken on the role of adoptive mother to four adorable little baby goats, also known as kids.

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While they might not be related by blood, Loryn’s love for them was not diminished any less. She very much gave them the same kind of attention and love as though they were her own.

Loryn lives on a farm with her owner, Andrea. The happy dog loves to spend her time socializing with all animals – especially all the little baby animals.

It was not surprising that when her owner came home with four orphaned kids, Loryn was the first to appoint herself as the role of adoptive mother – happily taking on the role of guardian, protectorate and mom.

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The little kids were quite happy with the outcome.

Loryn filled the role quite effortlessly – proving she was a natural at being maternal.

The family of five soon formed an unshakable family bond.

Loryn’s owner, Andrea, named Loryn’s babies, Mia, Delilah, Daisy Mae, and Henry.

The sweet-natured dog was wonderful with them – constantly making sure that they were always healthy, well-cared for, and most importantly, happy.

Loryn often would cuddle her kids. And when they got out to play and explore their surroundings, the adoptive mom was never far behind. She enjoyed keeping a loving eye on the four.

And the four kids seemed to have a pretty mutual attachment to her, never really wanting to stray too far from their loving doggie mommy.

This little adoptive family definitely showed that love is the true foundation of any family unit as species differences makes absolutely no difference – a lesson that humanity would be wise to take a lesson from.

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And the little family’s dynamics certainly were something that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

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sunshine naps. #WithAGoatOnYourBack

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As Loryn’s kids grew up, she never stopped loving them and supporting them as best she could.

Even when Mia, Delilah, Daisy Mae, and Henry grew up into full-grown adults, Loryn’s love never faltered. And they still remained a family.

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Hope your Sunday was as snuggly as theirs. #TotesMaGoats

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The best part is that this little family got their happily-ever-after, since they all still live on the farm together.

While Loryn still sees her children daily, since they’re all grown up, they don’t need her quite the same as they did when they were babies. This has meant that Loryn has been free to foster other orphaned baby animals that may be brought to the farm.

And while they might not be babies anymore, Mia, Delilah, Daisy Mae, and Henry still see their mom Loryn all time time, even if she’s fostering other babies in need. And Loryn always has time for her goat children.

The family is featured on Instagram, along with the many other kids, puppies, or kittens that Loryn may have taken in to foster. There is definitely no greater love than a mother’s love, Loryn is always happy to give it to animal babies of all kinds.

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