Dog Loses Her Mind After Realizing She’s At The Dog Park

What I have found to be the most wonderful thing about dogs, is that they’re creatures of very simple needs. All they need is food, a few toys, plenty of love, and of course, exercise! For most dog owners, that exercise takes the form of going for a walk – usually a local dog park.

Dog parks are great. They’re wide open spaces where dogs of all sizes and ages can roam freely and play, making friends with one another. It’s also a place for us dog owners to casually socialize with fellow dog owners. But as much as we enjoy taking our pets to their favorite place, no one will ever get as excited about a trip to the dog park quite like our pups.

And one family found that their dog, Ellie, developed quite the quirky response to show her excitement at being taken to the dog park. Pets are pretty clever, and can easily recognize where they’re headed, and Ellie is no exception. Once this girl realized that they were going to the park, she began making the strangest little noises.

Her family caught it all on camera, with her initial arrival being quite funny. Her sounds were like a low grumble – almost like the grinding of a washing machine that’s about to stop working. She continued to make her weird sounds, prompting her owners to ask, “Where are we? What’s going on, Ellie?” It was clear that Ellie couldn’t wait to get out and go play.

As her owner asks Ellie where she’s at, the pooch continues to make her whimpers, while going bananas in the backseat – whining and moving around. She then moves forward to the front seat, chilling on the middle console for a moment, before moving to the front passenger’s seat. That is when she really goes crazy with desperation to get out, even accidentally honking the car’s horn.

Eventually, she’s allowed out of the car, and the adorable pooch does what all dogs do, she immediately went charging out into the park to play.

And the fact that she was playing around in snow didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. We all wish we could be as enthusiastic as Ellie when it comes to the cold and the snow. Dogs definitely have a positivity that we could all stand to learn from.

Watch Ellie’s cute video below:

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