Dog Loses It When She Realizes She Can Keep Her Eyes Open In The Snow With Goggles

Some dogs just love the outdoors no matter what kind of weather there is. And a border collie named Maple is one of those dogs that absolutely loves living her best outdoor life in Westminster, Vermont with her owner, Jessica Dylan Mann.

Photos: Instagram/ theycolliememaple

And as an early Christmas gift, Jessica bought Maple some doggie goggles to protect her eyes in the snow.

Photos: Instagram/ theycolliememaple

The sweet dog was able to finally put her goggles to the test after a snowstorm. After Jessica put the eye gear on Maple, she watched as Maple was able to fully enjoy the snow.

Photos: Instagram/ theycolliememaple

While this wasn’t Maple’s first time playing in the snow, it was her first time doing so while also wearing goggles. And it was wonderful, as the playful Maple quickly figured out she could burrow underneath the snow and still be able to see!

“When she first realized she could see under the snow you could just see in her face and body language how excited she was to explore something new and have fun,” Jessica said to The Dodo. “She has always loved the snow but never have [I] seen her do the tunnel-like thing with the goggles.”

Photos: Instagram/ theycolliememaple

Jessica was able to record the wonderful moment and share it to Instagram.

Of course, Maple had a blast so there is no doubt that those goggles were worth every cent spent on them. If you want to watch more of Maple’s adventures you can follow the happy dog on Instagram.

Watch the video below:

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