Dog Lost For Two Years Recognizes His Dad After Hearing His Voice Again

The sad reality is that pets get lost every day, but not all of them enjoy a heartfelt reunion with their owners. Luckily for Bosco, a beagle mix, who became lost in Rhode Island, he wasn’t one of those unlucky pets. However, his happy ending was two long years in the making.

As Sheilah Graham, a volunteer with Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, explained, “He was leashed in the back yard and somehow he just slipped off the leash.”

Once on the streets, Bosco relied on his survival instincts to get him through. This intrepid little dog managed to source out an area with some local restaurants where he managed to scavenge from the dumpsters.

When Sheilah heard about the stray dog that was inhabiting the local neighborhood, she went and left a human trap out. Luckily enough, she managed to catch Bosco.

Sheilah was able to eventually track down Bill, Bosco’s owner. When she called him, Sheilah asked, “Hey Bill, do you recognize this voice?”

After so long, Bill was surprised to hear that it was Bosco who was barking in the background.

“He’s a really remarkable dog, obviously,” Bill said.

By this point, Bill had already moved out of the state. Sheilah set up a time for the three of them to have a chat over FaceTime. Figuring out the logistics of a reunion took some work since Bosco was too old to fly and Bill is disabled. In the end, Sheilah made the selfless choice to drive 2,000 miles in order to reunite Bosco and Bill – what a kind gesture.

Happy to see these two are back together!

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