Dog Makes Sure To Let Dad Know When He Gets Home Late From Work

Pit bull dogs get a bad reputation for being these very aggressive, very ill-temped dogs that are dangerous to be around. But for anyone who has owned a pit bull, or spent time around them, know that they’re actually some of the most gentle and loving dogs around. When I was in elementary school, I had a friend whose family owned two pit bulls: Princess and Mikey. They were always such happy and chill dogs, especially Mikey.

I remember being so intimidated as a five-year-old being introduced to Mikey. The dog was built like a tank and he was so buff and large. But he was also just such a kind and gentle dog. He always watched over us while we played out in the yard, and he had the patience of a saint when we’d play dress-up with him. And I’ll never forget the time that he scared off someone who was peeking over the back fence. 

Pit bulls are great family pets, and there is a very sweet video that proves these dogs are just cuddly lovebugs. Roxy is a pit bull who was filmed by her owner greeting him when he came home from work. As soon as he entered the door, the dog was all over him, her tail going wild with excitement at seeing her owner return. This prompts her dad to ask, “Did you miss me?” to which the smart pup actually replies! Roxy actually begins to speak to him, telling him all about her day and why she is happy to see him come back. It’s very cute to watch and reminds us that there is nothing to fear about these dogs. They’re just as sweet and loyal as any other dog breed. 

Watch Roxy get chatty in the video below:

Has your dog every greeted you like this? Do you have a pit bull that does this? Let us know!

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