Dog Matches Her Owner’s Every Step In Amazing Freestyle Dance Routine

Dogs are incredibly smart and good at learning new tricks. Which is why they make great dance partners if you want to put in the effort. And that is exactly what Sandra Roth with her pup, an adorable Boarder Collie named Lizzy.

A professional dancer, Roth has been used to being on stages for years. Besides being comfortable on a stage, Roth also has another passion, a sport which Lizzy joins her in: “dog dancing.”

It is an actual sport, where owners and their dogs will enter competitions in which they perform choreographed routines. It has not yet gained worldwide popularity or notoriety, and we honestly don’t know why – it sounds incredible!

As The Dodo reports, Roth, who is a trained jazz and ballet dancer, thinks that dog dancing is “the perfect sport,” since it combines her two passions: dance and dogs. And we absolutely agree with her, it sounds pretty awesome.

According to The Dodo, Roth is a jazz and ballet dancer who believes dog dancing is “the perfect sport” – being that she’s able to mix her passion with her lovable pooch.

As The Dodo shared from Roth’s profile about Lizzy, “Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we’ve had many problems and she was not an easy dog. So our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behavior and not on dog sports.”

Roth dedicated a lot of time and patience to teaching Lizzy to dance – and it paid off. The adorable pup even loves the attention she receives from crowds.

When the pair entered a dog dance freestyle competition in Germany, they blew away the crowd. Not only were the tricks incredible, but the performance as a whole was so touching. Lizzy proved herself to be a true ballerina just like her owner.

The video of the performance was met with many wonderful comments. One person even wrote on YouTube, “How is this possible? How did you manage that!??!!! Amazing!!!”

Someone else commented, “Amazing. That put a tear in my eye and another rolling down my cheek. Just lovely.”

Meanwhile another person said, “That was sooo beautiful. I cried so much because of the connection they must have. That breed of dog is naturally super intelligent but that was amazing.”

You can watch the beautiful duet below:

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