Dog Nudges Wind Chime With Her Head And Sings Along

Bleu is an adorable dog who is musically inclined. And this precious pooch is also a one-dog band, being the lead singer as well as the instrumentalist – by accompanying herself on a very unique instrument of her choice: wind chimes.

Ana Brown

The 4-year-old golden retriever has been practicing her musical talents ever since she was a puppy after she quite literally ran into what would later become her favorite musical instrument.

Her owner, Ana Brown, recalls that she was one day when she was outside in the garden, she decided to put some wind chimes onto an old garden hook. Nearly immediately, Bleu made the discovery of the chimes and the rest became history.

Brown said to The Dodo, “When she was really, really little, like 4 months old, she walked outside and her head hit the wind chimes because they were down so low. We kinda freaked thinking that would be horrible for her ears — but she just started singing.”

Ever since that day, Brown revealed that Bleu has a daily habit of going outside to practice her musical skills. She normally wags her tail to get the chimes going, before tossing back her head and howling along.

As Brown added, “It’s the most precious thing when she looks at you and sings, hitting her head against the wind chimes. I don’t know if she loves the sound, or if she knows she can play it herself. It’s almost like she tries to keep in tune with it.”

Because of her unique musical stylings, she’s managed to get herself a wide audience on social media. In fact, when Brown uploaded a video of Bleu making her music, within the first 24 hours, the video had already gotten 100,000 shares – and it didn’t stop there. The video went on to get 19.7 million views. Additionally, people from every corner of the globe often reach out to Brown with messages.

Of course, this social media star has absolutely no idea, she’s just happy to play her wind chimes. And it has to be the same set – she refuses to touch any others, even nice, expensive ones.

Brown revealed, “My mom got us a really nice wind chime for Christmas and [Bleu] won’t touch it. She wants nothing to do with it. She just wants the wind chimes that she’s used to.”

You can follow the adorable musical star on her Facebook.

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