Dog Owner Shares His Trick To Help Keep Your Pets Calm During Fireworks

Given the time of year that it is, pets are often getting distressed by the fireworks going off.

Recently, one upset dog owner shared on Facebook how her eighteen-week-old terrier named Molly  “died of fright” after suffering a heart attack following all the “loud bangs going off” over the weekend.

More than half a million people have already signed a petition calling for firework rules to be changed, suggesting a restriction of private use as well as the reduction of maximum noise levels permitted.

With pet owners facing another challenge come Guy Fawkes Night, one dog trainer and walker is sharing his tips on how to prepare your dogs and keep them calm during future firework displays.

Writing on the Bulldog Bob’s K9 Services Facebook page, Charles Steward showed off his two American Bulldogs who were calmly sleeping as a loud firework display goes off on the TV.

Image: Bulldog Bob’s K9 Services

Charles explained that the male dog had been “petrified” of the bright flashes and loud noises, however, he now shrugs them off thanks to his technique.

Well in advance of fireworks going off, Charles suggests playing YouTube videos of fireworks on the television, starting off quietly so that they can “hear the big bangs but not so it will terrify them” before building up the intensity over time – slowly of course.

Charles, whose business in Surrey is focused on working to help dogs that others wouldn’t want to work with, said, “I thought I would use my two as an example for ways of getting around anxiety and fear of fireworks. You should be doing this months and months in advance of fireworks night. Build up and up and up so if they’re outside having a pee when one goes off, it’s not going to terrify them.”

Image: Bulldog Bob’s K9 Services

He then added, “This is what people should be doing at home instead of petitioning to ban fireworks – it’s never going to happen. We should be resolving the problem not moaning about it. I do feel sorry for the dogs that get scared but we should be doing things to prevent it.”

How you can help with your dogs anxiety towards fireworks instead of moaning on fb!

Posted by Bulldog Bob on Monday, November 4, 2019

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