Dog Picks Out His Own Treats And ‘Pays’ For Them At The Counter

We all take our dogs to the pet store. They enjoy the outing since it’s the dog version of going to the toy store and candy store all at the same time. Our dogs are probably well-behaved when we take them to the pet store, but they’re probably nowhere near as organized as Hali. This very clever pup almost doesn’t need a human to accompany him to the store – he shows off how he is able to manage on his own. 

Like many other dogs, Hali loves getting treats at the store. But this pup doesn’t need his owner to do the work for him. He proves that he’s quite capable of picking out his own treats. He even carries them around the store himself! But this cute pup isn’t done being amazing. The well-trained pooch starts off his pet store adventure by carrying his own leash while he accompanies his owner into the store. Once the two have entered the store the real fun begins. Hali immediately goes around the aisles in search of the treats that he likes. And with the encouragement of his owner, this smart pooch gently picks them up and places them into the shopping basket! And Hali isn’t done either. The owner and dog wander up and down the aisles, browsing. Hali is even able to sneak in a little more retail therapy by picking up certain items that he wants.

Finally, the time to pay has arrived. When it comes to the process of checking out, Hali is quite the accomplished shopper. Not only does he take his items up to the till and place them in front of the cashier. Then he pays for his goodies on his own! Of course, he needs a little bit of help from his owner in terms of money. But once his owner hands Hali the cash he is able to complete his transaction – it’s so incredible to watch!

And given how amazing this pup is at going about his shopping almost entirely on his own, we’re not the least bit surprised that Hali carries his own bags out of the store as well. Watch this strong, independent pooch in the video below:

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